Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Flirting Continues

Ok - I gained a pound this week.

I need to tell myself - it's not a big deal. Weight can fluctuate between 1-2 pounds a day - so I'm good.

Inside I am really going. "OMG - I'm gaining my weight back. Oh the humanity."

But this week we talked about Managing our thoughts. So I will go back to thinking that it's ok because weight fluctuates and I still haven't gone above the 280's.

After weigh in my friends and I went to our favorite sushi place, which can be dangerous because it is soo yum. but oh so dangerous. or as one girl at ww put it last night - "seems like a good idea". anyways- then we had the sushi and I went way over the daily points. And even though I did an hour of wii fit afterwards - it still didn't get rid of all those extra points i used. But I guess that is why we have the weekly allowance.

But I am managing my thoughts and today is a new day with no mistakes in it.

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