Thursday, October 23, 2008

Main Ingredient: water

So yesterday I weighed in at WW for the first time in three weeks. The previous two weeks I had been suffering from virus/fevers. Anyways - I was hoping that I would be at that 288 mark again. Oh how wrong I was.

I had gained 2.8 pounds so now I am back above 290. I was really hoping not to go there, especially since on Tuesday when I weighed in for our Biggest Loser club at work I had weighed in at 287.2. Gaaaack!

Then I remembered. Through my newest favorite social networking site ( I had joined a challenge where I have to drink 64 oz. of water a day. Now this shouldn't be a problem if I had been a perfect Weight Watcher - which my daily water allowance has been one of the WW things that I have not been following. So I am thinking that I am currently suffering from some serious water retention considering that I am not trying to drink at least a liter and a half of water while at work. Hopefully once I get back to my water equilibrium I will see that I am not actually above that 290 mark.

Anyways - this weekend I will be venturing to the Blue Ridge Mountains near Roanoke to go help do repairs at Camp Virginia Jaycee (and to help my friend Laura take care of her daughter while she has to do official Jaycee stuff). So hopefully I can work in some major exercising. I'm actually considering waking up early and doing stuff like walking around the camp before everybody else is up. Today I have done about 2 miles of walking (not all at once). Of course this is negated by the fact that I went to Good Stuff Eatery (the restaurant from Spike of Top Chef fame) for lunch and had a patty melt, some yummy fries with rosemary and thyme, and half of a toasted Marshmallow milkshake. A year ago I would have ordered my own order of fries and my own milkshake but today when we went into order (I went with three work colleagues) it felt natural to just have ONE order of fries for the table and split a milkshake (OMG it was sooooo good). Oh - and I am totally keeping the water bottle I got there. They have custom labels for the water - and the bottle I grabbed had the label "Main Ingredient: Water (What else were you expecting?)" Love it!!!!

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