Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So last week I went to go visit my father in Mexico. Mexico City to be exact. And it was really nice to hear my dad say when he first saw me, you are looking pretty good - keep up the good work. Usually I cry at least once with my dad because he has to say something about my weight and how I need to loose it, but this time it was a simple recognition of what I had done. No harping on the issue (which always makes me want to stress eat).

Now for the past couple of weeks I was on a losing (weight) streak, but I thought that this trip combined with the fact that I badly hurt the ligaments in my foot the week before would have done me in, but no. I lost 5 pounds since my last WW weigh in and 1.2 pounds since my work weight club weigh in. Woo Hoo! I guess it didn't really hurt that Mexico has Crazy Good fruits and vegetables that I couldn't get enough of. Everymorning we had like fresh Papaya and mango and oranges for breakfast - and you can guarantee that you will have lots of fresh salsas and vegetables during rest of the day. I tried Nopal (aka cactus) at one meal and found that it was delicious - kinda like a tangy green bean. I also had an authentic mole (a chocolate based barbecue sauce) which is so delicious but so filling that you are filled for like the whole day.

Plus on top of everything else - we walked a lot. I'm guessing that we walked at least 2 miles everyday doing sight seeing. Plus we walked in my dad's neighborhood a lot if we needed to go run a small errand.

But one of the things that really made me laugh was when I found a Weight Watcher's in Mexico. We were driving to my dad's zen center when I saw it. I actually made my dad stop and let me take a picture of it. As soon as I saw it my leader's story about how she found a WW on the vegas strip came to mind and I became convinced that you can go anywhere and find a WW. Anyways, I didn't go in (I left my card at home - and they only spoke Spanish) but whenever we passed it - it helped me to remember all that I have worked for this year and helped me stay strong when temptation hit me.

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