Saturday, January 24, 2009

Trying to Reduce my Fat Footprint

Earlier this week I was reading this article about how Tropicana has figured out that its plain ol' orange juice has a carbon footprint of 3 plus pounds of carbon produced for every 1/2 gallon of orange juice. It has something to do with fertilizer. It went on to say that in the near future, companies may start to actually print a product's carbon foot print on its label.

So this Sunday is Book Club and for every meeting we have to bring in something seriously yummy to share with the group. Since I now have a crazy obsession with cupcakes - which I should seriously not be having, I have to find ways to reduce what I am now calling my Fat Footprint. I guess its kinda making sure that I track the point from eating the cupcakes and then using my activity points to offset them. But it's a little more than that. For example, this afternoon I rode my bike to the bookstore just so I could buy red food coloring and some cream cheese for the icing. I'm also going to try to reduce the fat by using lower fat products. Like I am going to try to make butter milk using soy milk and vinegar. I probably should have bought a red velvet cake mix just in case this cupcakes suck, but I am going to trust that they won't and that everybody will love them. So I figure the fat footprint for the cupcake will be the points for the recipie minus the points I spent biking and then divided by how many cupcakes I make. I guess I could also try to figure out how many points I save by mixing it all by hand too.

So that is my plan for reducing the fat footprint for my cupcakes. I just hope they work out.

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