Monday, March 1, 2010

It's been oddly quiet around here

And by around here, I mean my blog...obviously.

Yesterday I got to skype with my oldest friend in the world and she said that she checked out my blog to see what was going on and I hadn't posted in a while.  Guilty as charged.

It all kinda started with the snow.  Snowmageddon, Snowfecta, whatever you want to call it.  Like most of the DC area, I was stuck for a week and a half in my house - and it wore me down.  Here is a quick summary:
  • Day 1 (Friday): Boss wants me to work from home, but look - 4 hour early leave, that means I can quit working at 1.
  • Day 2 (Saturday): I can't see anything outside my door.  I'll play Beatles Rockband.
  • Day 3 (Sunday): I learn my sister doesn't have power.  I'll play Beatles Rockband some more.  Yay, no work tomorrow.
  • Day 4 (Monday): Sister still doesn't have power - she's coming over (her power returns shortly after she arrives).  Yay! company.  Bake cookies with Allie.  Make yummy dinner. yay! another day off tomorrow. [notice that I'm using small letters]
  • Day 5 (Tuesday): I'm going to make crepes for breakfast, but sister wants to go home before the next round of snow.  I'm running out of diet coke and easy mac. work again.
  • Day 6 (Wednesday): I'm just going to leave my lights off all day and play sims.  I feel pasty. When is OPM posting if we have work.  I'm falling behind schedule. I haven't gone behind the driveway in over a week.
  • Day 7 (Thursday): They're (my friends/landlords) are making a run for the store - maybe they will stuff me in their trunk  - although all I need is diet coke.  OMG - civilization (aka grocery store)  I need to buy EVERYTHING!  G-D-it.  Metro isn't running my bus and my car won't drive in this crap.  Can't go into work tomorrow!  Grrrrr!  I'll just have to work from home.
  • Day 8 (Friday): Lalala - working from home.  This sucks. I miss people.  And it's supposed to effing snow this weekend in NC meaning that I won't get to visit my mom for my birthday.  Snow can bite it. [End with total meltdown and primal scream that make my friends/landlords run over to see what is wrong]
As you can see, my attitude got progressively worse as time went on.  I really did melt down on that last Friday because the supposed last bit of snow forecasted convinced my sister that we would be safer staying in the area instead of going to see my mom for my annual birthday trip (in my mind, my birthday hasn't happened because I haven't celebrated with my mom and my gifts are all at her house).  This genuinely gutted me.  And it took me over a week before I could actually cheer up.

I think part of it was being stuck in the house reminded me so much of the depression I fell into about 6 months after Chris died.  Then I didn't leave the house at all if I didn't have to.  I went to work, came home, kept the lights off, put on my pj's and went to bed.  It was a lot like that by the end.   I ended up abandoning all the work I had done with FlyLady and Weight Watchers (haven't been back there in 4 weeks now - will be going back this next Saturday).

But my attitude is improving.  My sister was a lifesaver and convinced me that my birthday deserved sushi at Kawatas and not wallowing at home on a Friday night.   And that Saturday I went to Fredricksburg to cook with my friend Susan (that was the first day I drove my car in over 2 weeks) and Sunday was cooking club.  Then we had our first full week of work - where I have a window office that lets in sunlight past 5 pm now (Huzzah for longer days).  And this weekend I straightened out my house so that some friends could come over and it didn't take all day because I remarkably hadn't let all of FlyLady go to rot.  So things are getting better. 

So my next goal is to pick up the regular blogging again.  If you haven't noticed - it generally falls to the wayside when I feel like crap.

So that is what happened over the past couple of weeks.

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