Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cheaper by the Dozen

Before I get too far, I just want to give a shout out to Mary, my first blog commenter. It means a lot to know that other people are reading this, relating to this, and finding as well as giving inspirtation in here. So thank you sooo much.

Today has been a busy day. Today I went to the doctors and the good news is that everything appears to be ok. I called my sister afterwards and started with that gem of a quote from Kindergarten Cop, "It's not a tuma!"

I also had my weight watcher's meeting and despite the fact that I got to enjoy some Paula Deen as well as my favorite champangna, I managed to lose just more than half a pound - bringing my total loss to 12 pounds exactly. More importantly - the pants that I wore today didn't feel too tight. Lately I've been noticing on the Weight Watcher's boards that many people are getting discouraged because they aren't either seeing the loss they want - or they experience a hiccup and actually find their weight is up a pound. In Weight Watcher's the main way we measure progress is through tracking weight - and I think that we sometimes lose focus on the fact that we are benefiting in other ways as well. We all do it, including myself. I've actually had my mom say to me, "Emily, you only gained half a pound. You're still 9 pounds down from where you were in January." This is why it is so important to have those Non-Scale Victories - and one of my goals with this blog is to keep track of those NSVs.

Finally, after my doctor appointment, I decided to go to Home Depot so I could buy some plants to garden. I am going to try to plant a couple of tomato plants, some strawberry plants, 6 differents herbs (including lemon verbana and lavendar because they smell all so heavenly), and one bell pepper plant. 12 plants in all. So far I have three planted. I really want to try to try to be moe environmentally sustainable so this is one tiny step. By planting thiss If my boyfriend was still here, I know that he would be very proud of this small garden. I see this garden as not only doing something healthy for my body (by growing fresh produce) but also doing something good for my soul. I just hope I can keep this garden alive throughout the spring and summer.

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