Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm feeling a little obscene today

So for my birthday I got this cute top that is black and white multi-size stripes with pink and purple circles in it. You have to wear a camisole underneath it. It's really cute - and was good for my birthday because I really wanted to wear pink.

Anyways - I haven't worn it since then, but decided today would be the day to wear it.

Big mistake. Apparently my shoulders have gotten smaller and today the shirt is practically falling off of me. Not something I anticipated before leaving the house. It's awesome knowing that my body has changed that much - but at the same time it is a pain to know that I will have to eventually buy all new clothes because everything will be too big. But even those clothes I am planning to outgrow.

Anyways - not much I can do about the shirt today other than to constantly pull it back up my shoulders. I just hope I don't get cited for a dressing violation at work.

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Kate/Susan said...

Hey Emily!

Good luck with WW, I just started yesterday :) I am excited about it and excited to have one more friend on the program...

Hope you are well... I found you here via MySpace