Thursday, May 15, 2008

Giving into Temptation

I will start out this week by saying that my sister's philharmonia symphony made the front page of the Washington Post on Saturday. The article was just below the fold, but above the article about Jenna Bush's wedding. So it was a big deal for my sister, especially since they were going to be playing Beethoven's 9th on Saturday. Apparently this is one of those symphonies that every person who has been in an orchestra dreams that they will someday play for people. So it was very exciting.

Of course this meant going out to celebrate.

Before her concert we went to the Silver Diner. Not the healthiest of food options - but not the worst either. Well of course being in a diner made me crave a cheese burger. I hadn't had one in awhile, but I knew it would be a lot of points. On the other hand, I hadn't really eaten all day so I had over 25 points left. Thankfully Silver Diner gives you the option of a turkey burger so that is what I ordered.

Looking back, I should have ordered one of the salads.

I ate my whole turkey burger - which was good, but it wasn't as great as I hoped it would be. It was all greasy and messy and it made me feel heavy. Thank goodness the fries had been oversalted. I tried one and that was one too many. My sister and I then ended up sharing a piece of the chocolate cake - that was good.

We then headed off to the concert - where my sister played beautifully. Although I have to admit that I had to cover my eyes a few times because my sister sits next to a very enthusiastic violin who I thought was going to stab her in the eye with his bow a couple of times. After the concert my sister introduced me to some of her friends from work and we ended up going out for dessert.

We ended up going to Bertucci's only because the Cheesecake Factory had a 50 minute wait (at 10:00 pm). Everybody was getting something - either a full meal or dessert, so I ended up getting this chocolate and vanilla gelato ball covered in chocolate. It was delicious. I did make my sister eat a quarter of it though.

Anyways, I was sure that after this Saturday of indulging, that I would be back to gaining. I was really ashamed that I had given in, and so I didn't track Saturday (scared to see the actual results) and then didn't track on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. Since my WW week starts again on Wednesday, I started tracking again yesterday.

Yesterday when I went to my meeting and Weigh In, I found that I had once again lost weight. In fact, I had lost over 2 pounds. Surprise surprise. Not sure how I did it. Maybe my metabolism needed me to shake it up and give it a weekend of celebration or maybe I had just been really good rest of the week. Whatever happened, I feel like I dodged a bullet. The good thing is that I recognize that this was me giving into temptation and that I can't do this every week.

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