Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Speed Bump Last Week

So for six straight weeks I had weight loss, with two weeks in a row having 2+ pounds of weight loss. I thought I was on a roll, so I probably eased up on tracking, and water intake, and preparing my food at home. I also (if you didn't notice) didn't blog at all during that time. Yeah - I know that not a lot of people are reading this thing, but the truth is having this out here is a form of accountability for me. So when I don't write - you know that I'm not doing other things as well. Needless to say last week I had gained back weight. Anyways Three pounds to be exact. Of course - in my mind I'm thinking its probably not as bad as I think it was because it also overlapped my "favorite" time of the month. So this last week it was back to the starting block. Back to logging everything, back to checking on my water intake, etc. I made myself go to the grocery store and buy food and I have not allowed myself to buy breakfast, lunch, or dinner this week (because I have enough food in my fridge right now - nice yummy green food). Yesterday we did the weigh in for the weight club at work. I was down 1 pound from the previous weight club weigh in two weeks ago (before I put 3 pounds back on). Hopefully tonight when I do my official WW weigh in - I will see that I have lost those 3 pounds plus some. Wish my skinny vibes!

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