Thursday, June 12, 2008

Always Check the Math

So I've learned an important lesson - always check the math when it comes to pound lossage.

I told you yesterday that I had gained 3 pounds last week. I was accepting of that because I knew that I hadn't been the best WW'er plus you know - girly water weight. I was ok with 3 pounds. So yesterday I weigh in and the good news was that I was at 291 (plus some small change) - down 4.8 pounds from the week before. I then went to put my new weight into my weight tracker. Now usually I just remember how much I loss. So the week before I had entered in that I had gained 3 pounds from the weight the week before that. So when I took the 4.8 pounds I had lost this week, my weight was at 292 something. Not that big of a difference, but it looked funny. So I went to check to make sure everything was right.

Well, it turns out when I put on the three pounds, the person filling in the pounds loss number accidently added backwards. By adding backwards I mean, I weighed in at 296, the previous week was 293.4, so he just subtracted 3 (296-293). In reality it was really only a gain of 2.6 pounds (almost half a pound less than 3 - woo hoo!). So when I fixed everything - it turns out (drumroll please) that this week not only did I lose the 2.6 pounds I put on the week before - I kicked out another 2.2 of their friends - making it a total weight loss of 19.6. I'm only .4 pounds away from 20 pounds lost. Yay!

Anyways - the moral of the story is always check your math!

p.s. I don't mean to disparage my weigher. I love our weigh guy at my WW - he's always very nice and sunny. And seriously, I've added backwards before too - it's super easy to do.

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