Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A change

I used to have a blog. Just me rambling on about whatever. It was on myspace and it was good. Then I got out of the habit because I started dating someone who was private and I didn't want to post anything he wouldn't feel comfortable with. And when he died, I thought I could go back, but I couldn't - because all of a sudden myspace had turned into a meat market and you couldn't turn left or right without some guy contributing a lame pick up line. And the truth is grieving really doesn't make one receptive to pick up lines.

Anyways - so I created this blog to write about losing weight - which was really great until I started gaining the weight back with depression.

And one of the things I realized is that I really miss having that one forum where I can write whatever I want. Whether it is about what I'm eating or exercising, or how I'm feeling, or even how scared I am that Chuck may not be on next season. So from now on - the Sassy Strutter is no holds bar.

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