Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm finishing it this time

So I've been working on the same craft project since I don't even remember when. I got it from my Grandmas' spare craft kit because I forgot to bring a project. I was still alive and pretty healthy, and she died in 2003 from cancer. Anyways - its this really lovely counted cross-stich afghan with daisies and tulips and little pink budsy things.

I know I was working on it in 2000 because my friend Danielle came to visit me and surprised me with the news that she had gotten married to her boyfriend (we don't talk about him). Being a recent graduate and pretty poor - I decided that I would finish it for her as a wedding present.

So here is what happens. I work on it, lose the instructions, find the instructions, work on it, move and lose the thread, months later find the thread but working on something else, pull it out, work on it, lose the instructions again, Etc. Etc. Etc. At this point - the instructions for this poor thing are FALLING apart and folded in a bazillion weird pieces.

And since I declared that I would give it to Danielle, I have had to change it from being a wedding gift to a divorce gift (Yay! and that's not a sarcastic yay) to a 30th birthday gift to a Finishing Business School gift. It was at the boyfriend's house when he died and his parents ended up giving it back to me and I dumped it in the pile with all the other things they returned back to me that I couldn't bare to look at.

Well, I discovered it a couple of weeks ago. And somehow there is now a stain from the bag it was stored in (hopefully it will wash out). And I have a lot of outlining to do, but I am forcing myself to finish it this year. Currently I have stuck it in my work bag and basically I work on it on my morning and afternoon bus rides (because its way more productive than playing stupid games on my cell). And Danielle will still get it when I'm done- stains and all (if the stupid dye stays in). But this time it will be a "See I told you I would finish it" gift.

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