Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good Water Retention

This post isn't going where you think its going.

So last week I ordered the game EA Active for the Wii. My friend Susan had been using it and has lost a good deal of weight (she probably has also been better about tracking her food, etc.) It also appeared to be a good mix of cardio to strength workout activities. So it arrived in the mail over the weekend - and on Tuesday I opened it up and started playing.

I don't know if playing is the right word. Maybe I should say training instead. I immediately set out on its 30 day challenge. Chose a trainer and did my first work out. And boy was it a work out. I love Wii Fit - I find it fun and it can be challenging. But it usually takes about an hour or so of playing to work up a sweat (unless you are boxing). I worked up a sweat in about 5 minutes doing EA Active. They do a good job of mixing up the activities so you don't tire out any particular part of your body at any one time - although I will tell you that by the end of your activities you are pretty tired. Each session is broken into about 18 sections and altogether they last for a total of 22-25 minutes. And because it keeps tracks of how you have done in the past, it automatically calculates new goals in terms of calories burned. It can also sense if your form isn't right and will keep that exercise in the future rotation so that you can get better. At the end of the work out it tells you what to expect next time you play.

Thankfully today is a rest day - although I may try out my new Daisy Fuente's pilates game. I have to say I REALLY love all the work out games that Wii has put out.

So what does this have to do with water retention. Well, I think my body is retaining water so it can repair my muscles - which feel SUPER sore today. My feet look a little swollen today and when I put on the new shoes I bought on Saturday, the shoes seemed almost two tight (at least they feel ALOT tighter than when I bought the shoes...I think). But on the other hand, the scale did say I had lost two pounds at Weight Watchers yesterday. This was awesome because it was the first significant weight loss in a long time. And in long time I mean in months!

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