Friday, September 11, 2009

while its not great

Last night I was stressed because I had to pick up my car from the shop which meant taking a bus that I don't usually take. I mean - it's not a huge deal, but there is an added bit of stress from not knowing the exact location of where the closest stop was. When I asked the bus driver what the closest stop was to a certain intersection, he looked at me kinda nuts before replying that intersection. great customer service. The service center that I left my car at though had great customer service though, and the total cost actually ended up being less than their estimate (by only a couple of dollars, but that still is lower).

Anyways - car is running much smoother now, but by the time I was out of there, I was really hungry and I couldn't figure out what I wanted to eat. I literally ended up driving all around Annandale trying to decide where to go. I try to justify saying that I just wanted to test out the new and improved Seniorita Cha Cha (that's my car). Finally I bit the bullet and just decided to go to Mickey D's. Really not the greatest choice in the world, but its my go to place when I don't know what the heck I want to eat. It also doesn't help that right now my fridge is like Chernobyl inside and I refuse to put anything new in there until I clean that gross thing out this weekend. It's that gross. (I probably shouldn't be confessing that here).

Anyways - I had 15.5 points left for the day so I took a gamble. Ordered the number 3 medium, went home, and ate it. Now on the bad side - it's McD's and its full of gross fat and sodium and not really nutrionally sound. On the good side - 1) I did not add anything to the meal like I would have a couple of weeks ago (no ice cream cone, no nuggets) 2) it only put me 1.5 points over my point limit for the day. It's not great being over, but at the same time, I made up the points since I did walk about 10 minutes between the bus stop and the garage and did a 20 minute pilates session on my Wii (I don't know if I am strong enough for pilates yet - but it did stretch out my sore muscles really well).

Now I just have to break myself of the habit of going to McDonalds when I don't know what else I want to eat

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