Friday, November 12, 2010

A New Blog

I've been noticing that lately I've been using this blog to really write about processing grief and the steps I have been taking to try to improve my life.  It feels very heavy, but it's been very helpful to me.  But sometimes the heaviness prevents me from adding some of the lighter things in my life.

As you know, I have a love affair with food.  I consider food one of the happier things in my life (not necessarily what it does to me).  Earlier this year I attempted to start a cooking club.  It continued for a couple months until I got really sick with allergies.  While I love the idea of a cooking club, I don't know if any of the other members were as passionate about it - and there hasn't really been a big outcry about why we haven't met.

One of the coolest things about the club was the Vixens in the Kitchen blog, where we were going to post about what we made for each meeting.  I read a lot of food blogs, and while I don't dare dream that it would be as awesome as say The Pioneer's Woman blog, I was super excited to be contributing to the online food community. While I made it available to all the cooking club members to post in, I remained the only poster.

For awhile, my sister Molly has mentioned that she has thought about blogging about our weekly dinners.  We call these dinners Sister Sunday Suppers (because they mostly happen on Sundays).  Since my sister belongs to a CSA (crop share), we have been introduced to a ton of different fruits and vegetables and no meal has been the same.  In a way - we are our own mini-cooking club.

Since the Vixens in the Kitchen blog was just languishing untouched, I suggested to her that we use that blog to talk about Sister Sunday Supper and all our other culinary adventures.  Molly was game to it.

So once again, Vixens in the Kitchen has live posts.  There's no need to change the title.  In fact, the title gives us flexibility to talk about all the cooking experiences we share with any of our female friends.  And it's really nice knowing that I have an active partner in these venture.  So please feel free to add Vixens in the Kitchen to your blog reading list.

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