Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One more Christmas Tree Item

This evening I was on the phone talking to Chris' mom (I'll call her B).  We have become close friends since Chris died.  Anyways - I mentioned to her that I had gotten a tree this year, and one thing led to another and we started to talk about the tree Chris and I got.

At the time that Chris died, if you asked me if there was one thing I really wanted - it was that tree.  It was such a symbol of his love for me.  But when we were packing things up, Brenda said that she wanted it.  I thought about protesting, but my mom suggested that 1) Chris having a tree was also important to his mom and so it meant a lot to her also 2) I had no room for a tree 3) it would be kind of petty to argue over a tree.  So I gave in and let them keep the tree.  But I would be lying if I say I never had regrets over that decision.

So while we were on the phone tonight, B says to me, "You know, we should have left that tree with you."  I laughed a little and told her that at the time I really wanted it, but I knew she wanted it too.  I asked B if she and Chris' dad was going to put up the tree and she said she had thought about it.  She paused her, and I held in my breath because I was dreading that she was going to say that she was going to give it away to goodwill or something, but instead she said that she was thinking of giving it to Chris' sister. 

I think Chris would like that because it won't just be his sister enjoying it, but also his new nephew.    That tree deserves to be around the love and innocence that a child brings to the holidays.  I hope that they do get the tree and that they can enjoy it for years to come.

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