Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Set Backs

This last week I have been feeling less than motivated in my health efforts. I know, I know, I have invested way too much into this to just give up now. It could be the allergies that are attacking my sinuses, it could be the blah weather, it could be that I went to my friend's birthday and got to have cake, sweet, cake and am now left with a serious SUGAR craving.

I miss sugar. Not as much as I miss my boyfriend, but I do really miss it. Of course, before this whole getting healthy experiement, sugar would be one of those things I would go for when I was feeling blue. Because seriously, you can't feel blue when you are ingesting a bazillion calories of processed sugar cane, especially when it is pink and in the shape of a pretty flower. But now I have to be careful about it because it turns out that sugar is a lot like crack. You have one sugary treat and then you need another and another and pretty soon I will have gained back all the weight I have lost and then some. No, I am NOT going to do that.

I have also been lax on my exercising. Not good. But like I said, allergies have hit me pretty hard and its been hard to breath. But since I've stopped exercising, I've noticed that I fall asleep later and I wake up later, and I move throughout the day all slow. It's really not good.

I have also not been a good food tracker. Yup, that too. It's like lately I have violated the 3 basic sins of Weight Watchers. But I want to get back on track. I think to do that, I may start posting what I am eating on this blog - just so everybody in the world can see what I am eating. So far today it's been 2 string cheese sticks and a WW soft bake chocolate chip cookie (breakfast of champions I'm sure). I have drunk 1 bottle of water (of which now I have to be afraid of the plastic compounds seeping into my system, thus making a third head grow out of my abdomen - Thanks TODAY Show). But my co-workers and I have ordered salads from a new salad place and that is better than eating pizza from the cafeteria. And today is weigh in. Earlier this week I was thinking I would go with my "Get out of Jail" card and not weigh in, but today I am feeling that I need to hold myself accountable and if that means that I gained back 2 pounds, then I need to see that.

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