Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tracking My Progress

I've been trying to track the progress of my weight loss through various methods. One way is obviously tracking of weight. But you can also track by looking at how your clothes are fitting, and also by your general physical appearance. I have a tendency to lose weight in my face first. Anyways, now that I have a digital camera, I've been trying to track my weight loss through pictures.

Anyways, luckily I had some pictures taken in late November, just before I started this - so they are now my before pictures. I'm obvious the one on the left. The lady on my right is my dear old abuelita (lil' grandma in Spanish). As you can see, I am trying to disguise from the world my size by wearing black. It obviously did not work.

So here I am in February. Right after I got my new digital camera.
I really don't look that different from November. At this point I had only lost about 2-2.5 pounds. Yikes - look at that double chin thing I'm sporting.

But look here - we have progress. At least I think so.

This is about 5 pounds into the process. See the cheeks - they are a wee bit leaner. Shoulders may be a bit smaller too. Woo! And although I think this picture shows progress - I don't really like it.

Finally, this was taken a few weeks ago. Probably at about 8 pounds lost. But you can definitely see I'm losing weight (hence why it gets to be a bigger picture). Anyways - since then I have cut and dyed my hair and lost another 2 pounds. This was the first photo I've seen where I actually noticed any bit of significant change in my features. Anyways, hopefully I will have some new photos up after my trip to Savannah.

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