Monday, August 16, 2010

I just burned off a 4 oz. piece of fried chicken

At least that is what Wii Fit Plus tells me.

I have had Wii Fit Plus for a couple of months, but haven't really used it.  I actually haven't used my Wii much in the last couple of months, but with my renewed motivation in losing weight, I've been wanting to be active.  On Saturday I took a 3 mile walk in the morning, but on Saturday the temp was only 80 degrees.  On Sunday, the heat came back and so did the Code Yellow/Orange climate conditions.  Yuck!  My asthma just can't handle that.

So I've dusted off my balance board and I am trying out the Wii Fit Plus.

Let me tell you - it officially rocks.  It has everything in the old Wii Fit, but it's really made it even more useful. 
1) It has added a lot more activities, in both the strength training and yoga areas as well as adding a new category called Training Plus.  Training Plus is basically a bunch of new games - and so far all of them have been hard.
2) They now have themed workouts.  These workouts are a group of 3 activities that target specific goals - like the tummy, arms, relaxing, overindulging, etc.  They are about 8 minutes long total, but it reduces the amount of time you spend trying to go from one activity to another.
3) You can combine activities into custom routines.  Once again, this cuts out all that time you spent switching from one activity to another (which face it - was a lot of time).  You can do this eithe rby selecting individual activities or by combining routines.  Fun!
4) It now estimates the number of calories burned.  So instead of just measuring minutes, you can measure the amount of calories burned.  This means if you have a specific burn target, you will know if you have reached it or not.  After you finish - they have this tool that will tell you what kind of food equivalent of what you burned - hence me burning off a piece of fried chicken. 

These enhancements have definitely improved the game.  And while I don't think the workout I get is similar in intensity to what I get from the EA Active - it's still a good workout when you are stuck inside.  So if you have a Wii and and a balance board - I recommend getting Wii Fit Plus.

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