Wednesday, September 8, 2010


No - this is not about dating.

Today I learned that my newest colleague has already decided to leave us.  They are going back to their older agency for a position which will give him a better shot at supervisory authority.  I understand his need to advance his career that way and wish him all the luck.

This does make me wonder about how my career is going.

Overall, I like my job.  I'm not in love with it - but then, I don't think I love business life in general.  I'm not really highly paid, but I don't really have the responsibilties that deserves the highest level of pay.  I would say I'm paid fairly.  And the truth is money isn't everything.

I like the people in my group - they are intelligent and interesting.  They can sometimes drive me crazy - but I assume I do the same thing to them on occassion.  I work in a relatively small group, and each of us have our own niches, although we do work together.  But this means that we cooperate more as peers of one another instead of a series of subordinates.  I particularly like this.  I would say that daily we work very independently.  And I like the mix of the analytical and creative stuff that I get to do.

But sometimes I worry that I'm not ambitious enough for my own good.  Should I be wanting a job where I oversee people or make more money.  Do I wish that I was featured more? I'm a background supporting player (an important background player, but in the background none the less).  Do I need to be featured more.

I don't think so.  I see my dad and all the clawing he did to get to the top and all he lost when it all crumbled and I just don't know if its worth it.  It's just a job afterall.  But it's not like I have a family with whom I'm sacrificing career advancement for.  Does it make me lazy being this satisfied with what people may call a mediocre job?  That's what worries me.

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