Friday, January 1, 2010

Begin Now

Well, my new years eve wasn't what I planned. After a bunch of peoples' urging - I ended up driving to Seneca State Park in Maryland with some friends to visit the light show there and then had dinner. We were back home by 10:30 - and I quickly feel into the deep sleep of a food coma and 1) Missed the ball being dropped 2) Missed eating my 12 grapes at midnight to give me good luck and 3) Didn't get a single cupcake ready for the party (at same friends' house). That means today I was a cooking fiend, trying to get ready some Fancy Mac and Cheese as well as the Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes. The recipes I used were from The Pioneer Woman's blog - technically the Tasty Kitchen site. At one point I did call my mom crying because I was having a cupcake crisis. I had bought the jumbo size paper liners and it was taking the cupcakes FOREVER to bake. She basically said , "Get a Hold of yourself woman! It's just a cupcake." Anyways - I ended up salvaging them and they ended up pretty good. One woman liked them so much that she hugged me. The mac and cheese was awesome too. Like cheese fondue on pasta. Yummy!

I have really grown to love Pioneer Woman's website this last year, but I do realize that if I ever hope to start losing weight again - I got to be careful about how many of her recipies or Tasty Kitchen recipies I embark on. I think I need to limit it to maybe 1 or 2 a week. Unless its like a heart healthy recipie or something like that. Seriously go check out Tasty Kitchen.
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Anyways - I'm not really doing resolutions this year. I have likes though. I would like to cook more this year, and I would like to get back on the WW bandwagon. And I would like to get organized. So for the WW thing - its been really hard since they cancelled most of the 7 pm meetings. The ones they do offer are with a leader that I really don't like (yeah - I said it - I'm not a Wayne fan). Anyways - its been really hard trying to arrange my work schedule to get out in time to get to WW. But for some reason this week - I checked out the local area schedules again and found that my favorite leader (Barbara aka Fruit Lady) actually does a relatively local meeting in Falls Church on Saturday mornings. So I'm going to try to start going to those starting tomorrow. Well I guess technically today.

For the organization thing - I am going to try out My friend Susan mentioned something about it on facebook the other day and it intrigued me. So there you go. I am now FLYbaby Emtifahp.

Another like I want to do is that I want to blog more. So I'm going to set out some time in every evening to blog before bed.

And so that is how my 2010 is beginning.

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