Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Current Faves

So I figure that I will make today's entry easy and just list some of my current favorites.

1) Lucini Cherry Balsamic & Rosemary Vinagrette - A couple of months ago I was all gaga about this weight loss program called "The Game." While my enthusiasm for that has decreased, one of the things I discovered was this salad dressing. Part of the Game is to eliminate all sugar products - including sweetners - out of your diet. You can eat natural sweetners from fruit - but that's about it. So when I was serious about doing it - I had to find something yummy to put on my salads. I thought I would be ok using salad spritzers (0 points in the WW world), but when I looked at the label I noticed that sugar/high fructose corn syrup was the #1 ingredient. Whaa?? So one weekend I went looking for a sugar free salad dressing. In general - they are difficult to find. But the Lucini Balsamic & Rosemary Vinagrette is only sweetened with cherry juice. And it is a luscious salad dressing. Seriously. And you don't need a full serving to get the full effect. A serving is 2 Tbspoons - so I half that and add in 1 teaspoon of olive oil (I need 2 tsp of oil a day for WW). I really like it on a salad with just greens, pears, and parmesan.

2) Fruit slicer - Anyone who has braces can tell you that eating fruit like apples and pears whole is not good for your teeth - or at least not when you have braces. I of course had braces way back in the day - and ever since then I have really detested eating fruit whole. I know fruit is good for me, and when I chose to eat apples and pears, I would chop it up so I didn't have to eat it whole - but frankly that is a pain to do all the time. For Christmas my mom gave me a fruit slicer in my stocking - which makes slicing and coring my fruit a breeze. I love it. Since getting my slicer - I think there has only been 1 or 2 days where I haven't sliced up an apple or pear - and that's because I ran out and didn't want to go to the grocery store just before I visited my mom. I totally heart my fruit slicer.

3) Trident Layers Sugar-Free Gum - I've tried the Strawberry/Tangy Citrus and the Sour Apple/Pineapple. Awesome gum. Keeps its flavor and texture for hours. And the package is totally sturdy so the gum doesn't escape and get chewed up by my purse.

4) Glad Mini Containers - These little containers can contain up to 1/2 cup of anything. I like them because it allows me to bring my salad dressing to work separate from the salad (preventing soggy greens). It also great for storing already sliced onions and tomatoes. And because they are mini - They take up very little room in my cupboards and in my bag.

5)My Isaac H. Evans water bottle - There are a millions of waterbottles - and I've tried many, but this is the first one that I've managed to routinely use. I like that a) it's red - my favorite color b) it has a really clear liquid level tracker on the side of the bottle c) a wide mouth so that I could put ice in there if I wanted to and finally d) the strap that connects the lid to the bottle ain't some skinny old thing that will break at any moment. This is a hardy bottle. It also doesn't hurt that it reminds me of the awesome trip I had on the IHE last year.

6) Vinegar - Not only does vinegar give red velvet cake its yummy tang - it is an awsome cleaner. I've been pouring about a cap full into my dish water every night because it helps to eliminate odor from any dishes (specifically plastic dishes) that absorb odor. I also have a spray bottle of vinegar in my shower. I spray some on the side of the shower and it prevents gross buildup on its walls. You can also get soft hair by once a week rinsing your hair with vinegar. Vinegar strips your hair of the mineral buildup that water and conditioner leaves. But just make sure that you rinse your hair with water afterwards - otherwise your hair may smell a little like pickles until you wash it again.

and finally

7) Flax Seed Oil Caplets - I bought these thinking that I could count it toward my oil consumption in WW. Unfortunately no, however since I've been taking them - my hair has become super soft and shiny. It takes a little longer to work than vinegar (see above) but you avoid the sour pickle smell.

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