Sunday, January 3, 2010


Back in high school I did this sumer architecture boot camp for teens that helped me realize that I really didn't want to be an architect. One of the assignments was to take a random architecture based clip art pic and write about it. Basically writing a blog entry. I chose a picture of a building in Tours France. Ok - the picture I just linked to is actually way prettier than the one I used - but then the only copy of I have of the one I used is a Black and White (and I thank this picture owner for letting me link to her picture.) Anyways, here is what I wrote

Cinderella's House -- Did you ever wonder why Cinderalla never complained about cleaning her house? She never told her wicked stepmother, "No, I will not wash all the windows today!" She never would ask her wicked stepmother to buy her a hoover vacuum cleaner for her birthday so that cleaning the floor would be easier. WHAT KIND OF GIRL WAS SHE? But I guess with a house like hers, she would want to keep it clean so she could invite over lots of important guese, like princes. Who knows, maybe she likes cleaning her great big house. It may have been a great stress reliever. At night she could lay down in her bed of straw and say, "It was my cleaning that makes this house shine so bright." What else would a girl who talked to mice say.

1) This is obviously based on the Disney Cinderella and not the kick ass Drew Barrymore Cinderella from Ever After. 2) I had some bad grammar in the original - so I've (hopefully) corrected it here 3) Explains a lot about my cleaning philosophy.

Not that I want to keep this cleaning philosophy. I would like to have lots of important guests over, like princes but more likely my friends and fam. It's something that I have decided to work on this year. Thanks to my friend Susan, I am going to try using this plan called FLYlady. It's kinda like Weight Watchers but for organizing yourself.

So far it has my kitchen sink is really shiny.

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Kate/Susan said...

I'm looking forward to how you do FLYing! :-) I've got my notebook out and as soon as Leah goes to sleep, I'm going to start today. I'm excited about it.