Monday, January 4, 2010

Water. Part Deux

I think I wrote about water back in 2008. Back then I wasn't getting enough. The truth is I'm still not getting enough.

I get daunted by the fact that at a minimum I should be drinking 6 glasses of water and ideally that number should be 8. That is a lot. I'm not even sure if I drink that much liquid daily anyways. But lately I've been feeling really dehydrated.

So this week at WW, the whole theme is goals and at the meeting we actually had to come up with acheivable short term and long term goals. So I decided Water consumption needs to be my goal. Specifically - that I will drink 4 glasses of water at home daily for a week. The point of this goal is to get me in the habit of drinking it at home, making sure that I refill my brita filter, yada yada.

So one of the things I'm doing is making sure that I have a glass of water beside my bed whenever I go to bed and that I drink it before I fall asleep. This is something I have actually picked up from my old boyfriends. They both used to do this. I don't know if its a guy thing - like they know that the night makes people super parched or what. Chris would fill up one of those big plastic water bottles to the top, and by the morning the water would be mostly gone or completely gone. Evil Mike on the other hand, filled regular glasses and then placed said glasses on top of my wooden nightstand sans a coaster - ruining the top of said nightstand. While I don't think I can drink a whole water bottle of water like Chris, I've made sure that I put my glass on top of a coaster unlike Evil Mike.

So far I've made it through the first day. Onto day 2 of the great water challenge.

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