Thursday, January 28, 2010

It Almost Didn't Happen...Part Dos

So the other day I wrote about how I didn't want to do my dishes on Monday night, but I did them anyways - and it made my world a better place.

Tuesday night, was my errand night. Visited a new grocery, got rotisserie chicken, did my evening routine, made it to bed before midnight. Despite all this ordinariness, my body decided to oversleep on Wednesday.

I woke up at 7:34 - which meant that I had less than half an hour to get dressed, get packed,and out the door to catch the bus.

My first gut instinct (after blurting out "Oh Frak!") was to turn my covers back so my bed was made. Tuesday night though, I placed my glasses on my night stand so I grabbed those as I headed towards my kitchen. There - I grabbed a breakfast sandwich from the Freezer and my thermos so I could pour myself some milk to bring to work. Then I grabbed my lunch I had prepared the night before and walked towards my front entry way where I deposited that stuff in my bag going to work. I set my timer for 10 minutes and got in the shower. Did that, got dressed in the outifit I set out the night before, and blow-dried my hair. When I got my glasses back on - I noticed that not only had I done this without breaking a sweat, but I still had 10 minutes left before I had to be outside. So I used my Wii Fit to do my mid-week weigh in (I've been doing these to just anticipate what kind of progress I'm making WW wise).

As I headed out the door, it seriously felt like a twilight zone moment. A month ago, I probably would have: spent 10 minutes searching through my covers to find my glasses and my badge (covers would be left all helter skelter - possibly even flung across the room); grabbed some outifit that was lying somewhere around my living room; shower and get dressed without drying my hair; and rush out the door only to discover my bus has just driven by so I would have to drive in - but of course would have to stop back in my apartment to grab my keys.

It's when you have crazy moments like this that you realize how far you have come and what the potential is if you continue on this path. It really has me psyched for these changes I am making in my life.

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Kate/Susan said...

I am excited for you!!! That is an amazing story--I hope you will submit it :-)