Thursday, January 7, 2010

A well deserved break

We are seven days into the new year and currently all systems are go. Both of my sinks are shining, I've pretty much stayed on plan in WW, and I'm checking things off on my work to-do list. So tonight I took a break because man, I'm tired. This means that I cracked opened my new Glee DVD (thanks Leanne), dragged out the home foot spa and painted my little piggies pink, and enjoyed my last half of cheesecake from Sunday (yum, red velvet cheesecake - this is why we have weekly allowances from WW).

I think in order for my new outlook on routine, I am going to have to work in set breaks for me - otherwise I'm going to burnout. So Thursday is going to be my pamper me night. Manis, Pedis, masks, and Grey's Anatomy will be on the agenda. I'm also going to allow myself Monday night from 8-9 off so I can watch Chuck. I'll just have to catch up on my other shows on the weekend.

The other thing I have to work on is the listing of my routines. The one thing that I've noticed about FLYlady is that her routines are built mostly around households with multiple family members. The default routine is very morning centric, which can be tricky for me because I am so not a morning person. I may have to move somethings around. But then I guess that is the beauty of the system - I can mix and match and make what works for me.


Kate/Susan said...

Definitely! I am not a hard core FLYer, I do what works for me and leave the rest of it behind. After a week, my house looks and smells amazing, but it's far from done. I keep reminding myself to be patient, and keep calm and it'll get there. But I'm not a shoe person, so I put socks on but not shoes :-)

Emtifah said...

I'm so not a shoe person either. I figure that I will set aside a clean up outfit so that I have to change clothes when I get home from work, but that its ok to barefoot - or wear flip flops.