Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Buried Treasures

I turned 30 about 2 months after Chris died. At the time, I was obssessed about having the best birthday party because 1) party = fun = happiness = something I needed desperately 2) I needed the destraction of planning something 3)I needed something to remember that year other than grief.

I had an awesome birthday that year. I probably had close to 40 people showed up - it was impossible not to feel loved that night. One of the things I asked my friends to do was write on pieces of papers wishes/messages they had for me, themselves, or whomever.

Well, in my decluttering - I just found these messages. I guess in my grief I just put them aside and buried them in what I currently call my room of doom (that is a different post). I haven't read them before tonight. So I am going to share them with y'all tonight (Don't worry - there aren't 40 messages - just 8)

Wish 1) I wish for Emily to find true happiness with herslef & if God wishes - with another. I hope God wishes - but I do think that its important that I find true happiness with myself first - I'm getting there. This one was unsigned

Wish 2) For Emily - The return of Veronica Mars , For myself - The return of Veronica Mars, For anyone - The return of Veronica Mars Well, we can still hope for the movie - right? I'm pretty sure this was from Roger.

Wish 3) Umm - it's from my friend Adrienne, but I can't decipher her writing except for "This year and the others too." I will bring it to her and get back to you on it, but I'm sure its good.
UPDATE: I just looked at it again - and this time I figured it out. Adrienne says "All will be wonderful,this year and all the others." This makes me think of that Everclear song and makes me smile.

Wish 4) For Emily - A promotion at work, For Myself - To win Tuesday's Mega Millions Jackpot, For Everyone Else - JOY! This is from Julian. This is very sweet of him - I also think that it was awesome that he brought Lemonciello for me that night.

Wish 5) Have a great year There is also a happy face next to it. This one was also unsigned, but unlike all the "Have a Great Year" that people signed in my yearbooks in high school - I'm pretty sure this person meant it.

Wish 6) This one is from Ariel and is 4 everyone (she actually used the number 4)- Life is too short...Tell someone how much they mean to you everyday. This gem is one of the reason why I consider Ariel one of the wisest women I know.

Wish 6b) Here's wishin you'll have good health and peace of mind in 2008! Also from Ariel. Not sure if I had peace of mind in '08, but it's mostly back now. But I do appreciate the sentiment.

Wish 7) My greatest wish for you is that the next 30 years are as awesome as the first 30. This is from Farrasha. Thanks Homey!! Being around her positivity is one of the best parts of my job.

Wish 8) May you always have one special person who makes you laugh and feel extra good about yourself Unsigned. Thankfully I have like a billion and 1 people who do this for me on a regular basis.

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