Friday, January 8, 2010

Soda Pop Math

This week I have brought lunch and breakfast to work everyday and I have not spent any money at the cafeteria or the little snack shop. Last year, I normally bought my breakfast and lunch here at work - and in general I bought a 20 oz. soda each time I went down so that I was drinking about 40 oz. of diet soda just at work. We won't go into my home habits. This week I limited myself to one 12 oz. can of diet coke that I brought from home - other than that I use the watercooler and either drink water straight up or make tea. When I buy soda at work it's $1.50, whereas my soda from ranges between 33 cents to 42 cents a can - (depending on the case I got it from) - so lets say my soda is about 40 cents. So...last year I spent about $15 a week in soda at work, this year I have spent $2. I've saved $13 in soda. If I do this rest of the year - I can save $676 in soda alone. Nutso. I've never thought about it like this before.

I need to go drink some water.

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