Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cupcake Crisis

I've been trying to post after work, but something just happened that I had to write about.

I went to a New Years party on Friday and made these delicious cupcakes. And unfortunatley I had to make a double batch because I accidently bought the jumbo sized cupcake liners so the first batch only made 9 cupcakes - and you can't just bring 9 cupcakes to a party - you need to bring at least a dozen. Anyways -being that they are jumbo sized - I could only fit 12 with me - so I was left with the last 9. Here's my thinking - I can bring a couple to work and split them with the girls (who LOVE cupcakes, especially chocolate cupcakes rest of the year). I don't even want them to eat a whole cupcake - a quarter would be great.

Nobody is biting. And that is driving me CRAZY. I know - I should be understanding. But I have issues with people saying, "I ain't going to be eating no more sugar rest of the year because I was so bad this holiday." Meanwhile they are chugging starbuck lattes and eating regular sized candy canes like no tomorrow. Anyways - I finally cracked and said something snarky about the candy canes to a co-worker. I'm thinking we won't be eating lunch again for a while.

I get it - I really do. I probably would do the same thing. Actually, what I would do is say, "Maybe later." and then just conveniently not come by. Because I don't want to offend their feelings by not trying their creation. But maybe its because for me - cooking is so personal and I want people to love everything I make. So I'm taking it personally that they would rather eat a candy cane or starbucks and claim that they aren't eating any more sugar when in fact they are.

I at least am laying it out front. I'm eating my cupcakes, just in small doses. Very small doses. Problem is - its going to take a lot of little small doses to get rid of all these cupcakes. And since they are my creations that I poured lots of love into (I even cried when I wasn't sure if they were going to come out right because of their jumboness) - I can't just throw them away. My cupcakes are big and I'm big - and rejecting them because of their jumboness is like the people who look right through me because of my bigness. Oy.

Anybody want to help me, preferribly by eating cupcakes.

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