Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weigh In number 3

This Saturday I had my third weigh in - the second one that would actually measure progress. I had decided to go to my mom's for the long weekend, but since I didn't want to interrupt my new Saturday routine - I left for her house from my meeting.

Anyways - this week I took off 2.4 pounds - for a total of 7 pounds lost. The first time I did WW - it took me a couple of weeks just to take off a pound, probably close to 10 weeks to take off 7 pounds. This time it has just been easier.

I think part of the reason is that I've seen how it works. I've seen how I do better when I track vs. not tracking. I've also seen the benefit of drinking the 2+ liters of water that is required.

I think working on the FLYlady program has also benefitted this process. For the past 18 days - my sink has been empty of dishes when I go to bed. This means that I not only have room to prepare food during the day but that I know where everything is when I need it to prepare something. I even shined my mom's sink when I was there - and my mom noticed what a difference it makes. And because I'm cooking - I'm buying fresher food that I can use in cooking and that tastes better. I'm not having any feelings of food deprevation that I got when I ate at the cafeteria.

This week did have some tough spots. I had brunch at a friends (I drank to much), I had my first cooking club (probably ate too much), and I had happy hour with work people (ate too much fried food). I managed to scrape by the week using all my weekly points. I probably could have done better if I had done more planning and also stood by my ground and not drink/eat what everybody else did.

This definitely rubbed off on me. On the trip to my mom's - before I left I made a cheat sheet of my favorite foods at my favorite places to eat on my way down to her place (seeing that I was traveling during lunch and wasn't eating a big breakfast because of weigh in). I was really shocked seeing some of these points - so instead of stopping at those fast food places, I got apple slices and a fresh sandwich made to my specs at Wawa. That's progress.

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