Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Going Good so Far

So like I said in a previous post - I'm not really doing resolutions this year. However, I am trying to be a better me and re-energizing myself about Weight Watchers and also trying out this FLYlady program to help me with my organization. You are probably saying, "Emily you big goof, those are resolutions." My theory is, we all say we are going to resolve to do something more at the new year and then the expectation is that we will go at it for a month or so and then stop - and that's ok because no one ever keeps resolutions. I guess that is a big assumption - but I think most people expect to be breaking their resolutions at some point. But I don't want to break these things - and I think calling them resolutions would put too much pressure on doing them perfect. And I know I'm not going to do them perfect, so instead I am just going to do them better.

I did go back to my second meeting at the new WW location. Last week with bringing my breakfast and lunch all week as well as doubling (possibly tripling) my water intake - I lost 4.6 pounds. I imagine a lot of that is water weight though, but still nothing to sneeze at. However I may have put those 4.6 pounds back on though with brunch at a Super K's (her new name in my blog) and the inaguaral meeting of the Vixens in the Kitchen cooking club, however I made sure to track as well as I could and I still had some weekly points left at the end of Sunday to get me through rest of the week - so I'm hoping I did ok.

Part of what made this possible is this FLYlady process. It got me to take care of one specific corner of my apartment (my kitchen sink) and now its spreading to other areas of my apartment. And while my apartment is no where near where it should be, I feel like I am making strides every night. Keeping my sink shiny forces me not to procrastinate on doing the dishes, which in turn keeps my counters clear (and I don't have a lot of counter) which then allows me to cook both on the weekend or during the week, which means I have food ready to go to pack in my lunches for work, which saves me money. Having that little bit of organized space also helps to keep my mind organized. Now I'm doing things like setting my clothes out for the next day - which shortens prep time in the morning and allows me to do stuff like put on makeup before I leave in the morning. And I'm not overwhelmed when I get home in the evening. I know that I have stuff that I have to do (prep my lunch, 15 minutes declutter, run a cycle of laundry, shine my sink) and things I need to do (I limit to 1 every night), and things that I can do (if I have the time or energy). The one challenge is that the program seems like it is written by people who 1)Have families/partners who can lend help and 2)get to stay at home for the jobs (cause being a stay at home mom is a job in and of itself) which means that they may have more time at home to do things at the house than I do 3) have a dishwasher. I just have to work at really figuring out a routine that works for me.

And I think a key to this working is that I am sharing what I am doing with people. Not only have I been sharing stuff with this blog every day (and which everybody's comments have been appreciated), but I have been calling my mom every night and we share the good things that happened in our day. We talk for only 20 minutes (opposed to our 60-90 minute conversations that happen when I only call once a week). Its a good break - and she gives me awesome encouragement, and I think she feels the same.

So here is my progress for the new year. I imagine things can only go up from here.

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